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Why bluelingo
Bluelingo Corporation is a leading integrated language and multilingual communications company providing complete linguistic services for all fields of industry in over 100 languages. The complexity of today's global marketplace makes Bluelingo a vital link between our clients and the international market.
Bluelingo has searched the world for high quality translators who are experts in their fields and native to the target locality of the end translation. Potential translators must satisfy a variety of certification and accreditation protocols including Bluelingo ' own in-house testing requirements. This team of in-house translators is a valuable resource that enables us to provide our clients with a prompt, accurate, and personal service. To support our translators, we have a well trained project management, editing / proofreading, engineering, desktop publishing, and administrative staff proficient in all aspects of language management and ready to deliver the most complex linguistic projects on time, accurately, and at a reasonable price.
Our translators are EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS specializing in…
· Employee Handbooks · Correspondence
· Intellectual Property · Medical equipment
· Technical Translation · Advertising Copy
· Mechanical/machinery · Tape & Video
· Legal Documents · Immigration Papers
· Operation manual · Movie Scripts
· Bidding docs
· Chemical
· Electronics · Construction
· Pharmaceuticals · And more